What are Freelance Marketplaces?

Freelance marketplaces are online platforms for companies to meet and engage with freelancers who are looking to offer their services. Companies throughout the world use freelance marketplaces to recruit temporary workers for jobs and projects that don’t need long-term commitment.

Freelancers can build a profile, present their work portfolio, connect with employers and find clients through freelancing platforms.

Start Your Freelance Career From Best Marketplaces

1. Fiverr

Fiverr is a popular freelancing platform with a wide variety of freelancing projects in fields such as graphics & design, marketing, tech & programming, and video animation, to name a few.

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2. Freelancer

Freelancer is an excellent platform for small and medium-sized businesses that need access to expert talent and experience. Freelancer has the largest pool of freelancers globally, at over 50 million. Freelancers can bid for relevant projects and are hired when clients approve their bids.

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3. Upwork

Upwork is a freelance marketplace platform that connects you with short- and long-term clients. It offers freelancing opportunities across sectors, including software development, creative design, sales, marketing, and more.

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4. PeoplePerHour

PeoplePerHour is trusted by nearly 1 million businesses worldwide. It connects companies to an international community of freelancers. Its freelance opportunities, similar to Upwork, cover a wide range of categories: writing and translation, digital marketing, design, programming, branding, sales, and many more.

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5. Toptal

Toptal helps companies find the top tier (3%) of world-class freelancers, including developers, designers, financial experts, and product managers. Freelancers undergo a rigorous screening process before being accepted onto the site, but the lucrative projects available make it worthwhile.

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6. Guru

Guru, used by about 2 million freelancers worldwide, offers jobs in various sectors, including programming and development, writing and translation, legal services, and sales and marketing.

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7. We Work Remotely

While this isn’t a freelance marketplace platform in the traditional sense, we felt it was worth writing about because of the many remote freelance opportunities also on this platform. We Work Remotely is a job board that hosts over 25,000 remote opportunities. According to its website, over 1,000 new positions are added every month from almost every country in the world.

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8. Clickworker

Clickworker is a data-processing website where you can carry out data-related tasks and get paid for them. Workers on its platform- called Clickworkers- carry out a range of tasks, including writing, translating, researching, and data processing.

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9. goLance

goLance connects entrepreneurs and business owners to freelance developers, creative designers, SEO experts, email marketers, lead generators, writers, editors, proofreaders, and data scientists. More than 600,000 freelancers have provided their services on the platform to date.

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10. ZipRecruiter

ZipRecruiter is one of the world’s largest job boards, allowing you to find individuals and businesses who are in need of your freelance assistance. The ZipRecruiter platform has clients from across a broad range of industries and allows you to filter work according to niche and location.

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11. WorkMarket

WorkMarket is a freelance marketplace that connects freelancers with businesses in the healthcare, media and publishing, information technology, and marketing and advertising industries.

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12. Jobs.com

Jobs.com is a platform that matches employers with job seekers who have the relevant skills and expertise.
Freelancers need to register as members and provide their general information, resume, and location to apply for jobs. The platform is free for job seekers. Members can apply to various positions, including a mailman, data entry operator, or customer service executive.

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13. Freelance.com

Freelance.com is an online marketplace that connects freelancers with highly specialized SMEs and start-ups. It operates in the UK, France, Germany, Morocco, Switzerland, and Singapore. The platform currently has more than 15,000 freelancers working on marketing, communication, IT, event management, and consulting-related projects. Freelance.com has also served global brands such as Columbia, Loreal, and Mazda.

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14. Malt

Malt is a European freelance marketplace currently operating in France, Belgium, Germany, Spain, and the Netherlands. Malt seeks to link businesses with freelancers and additionally helps firms manage administrative, legal, and payment processes securely and efficiently.

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15. Wonolo

Wonolo is an online freelance marketplace that connects job seekers with businesses looking for merchandising, manufacturing, warehousing operations, event management, and many more services. The name Wonolo is the short form for Work Now Locally. The platform is trusted by 592,193 freelancers and leading global brands such as Coca-Cola, Aramark, and ScriptDrop.

To work as a freelancer at Wonolo, you have to sign in to the platform and clear an onboarding process, which includes identity and background checks. After your profile is approved, you can start applying for the jobs based on the preferences listed on your profile. The sign-up process is free, and freelancers do not have to pay to apply for jobs.

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16. SolidGigs

SolidGigs sets itself apart by alerting freelancers of the best 1% of jobs available daily; its team goes through dozens of job boards to bring the best opportunities to freelancers who are registered on its platform.

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17. Twago

Twago claims to be Europe’s largest platform for freelance work, with over 500,000 professionals and 175,000 projects on its website. It connects clients with experts in engineering, app development, writing, and online marketing.

It allows recruiters to post projects for free on the website; clients need to describe their project and outline expectations, budget, timeline, and other necessary details. Freelancers can then ask related questions or submit feedback for the project to the clients. The professionals then submit a proposal or a quote which is reviewed and compared by the employers to make their hiring decision.

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18. FreelanceZone

Designed solely for Singaporeans, FreelanceZone is a job search portal that allows job seekers access to several part-time or freelance work opportunities.

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19. Speedlancer

Speedlancer is a popular freelancing platform that offers multiple services to customers. It focuses on providing digital services such as video editing, web design, Shopify-related website management, app development, and so on.

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20. YunoJuno

YunoJuno is a marketplace that seeks to connect UK-based vetted freelancers with clients. It allows hirers to find a variety of freelancers whose specialties range from client services to design.

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21. Hoofdkraan

Hoofdkraan is a Dutch freelance marketplace. Their website is in Dutch, and their target audience is primarily based in the Netherlands and surrounding areas. If you offer digital services and are comfortable interacting with European and Dutch customers, Hoofdkraan is the perfect place to earn some extra money.

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22. 99designs

99designs is a graphic design service platform that connects freelance designers with businesses. The platform has over 90 design categories, allowing businesses to hire designers for projects such as web page design, app design, product packaging design, poster design, and book cover design. As of writing in April 2022, 99designs claims to have served over 444,306 people and businesses.

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23. CGTrader

The world’s largest source of custom 3D models and licensable stock, CGTrader, is an online marketplace that helps businesses convert 2D images into realistic 3D models. With over 1,000,000 3D models in stock, the marketplace connects thousands of 3D designers with enterprises.

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24. Designhill

Designhill is an online freelance platform that connects businesses and individuals with freelance designers. It provides over 35 different design categories such as logos, t-shirts, brochures, and websites.

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25. DesignContest

Founded in 2003, DesignContest offers freelance design services to clients from various industries. The services range from application design, clothing, and apparel design, to web and product design.

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26. Topcoder

Topcoder connects global businesses with freelancers in data science, web development, UI/UX design, and QA & testing. The platform provides services to more than 1.5 million members, including Fortune 100 companies and NASA.

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27. Arc

Founded in 2014, Arc is a freelance platform that connects remote freelance developers with clients. Arc’s primary focus is software consulting and online mentoring services.

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28. CodeMentor

CodeMentor is an online platform that connects mentors and coding experts with those looking for help. It provides one-on-one mentoring with coding, debugging, and programming.

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29. Crowdspring

Crowdspring connects freelancers with clients looking for graphic design, logo design, illustration, business promotion, and writing-related services. The platform assists more than 60,000 businesses worldwide at present.

Crowdspring provides live customer support via email, phone, Facebook, and Twitter.

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30. Scalable Path

Scalable Path is a freelance marketplace that connects freelance developers, data scientists, and engineers with businesses to help them scale their IT and development teams. The company currently claims to be a network of more than 19,000 remote developers from over 138 countries. The platform has also served leading companies such as Gensler, Sequence, and Earnest.

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31. Workhoppers

Workhoppers is an online marketplace that connects freelancers with businesses looking for experts in business consulting, financial services, IT and software development, design & media, administration, and translation services. The platform is trusted by brands like Mega, The Globe and Mail, Staples, and L’Oreal.

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33. Communo

Communo is an online freelance marketplace that connects businesses with creative, marketing, and tech talent. The platform has worked with leading global brands such as Unilever, EA, and NASA. Today, over 60,000 freelancers work on Communo.

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34. Authentic Jobs

Authentic Jobs is an online job listing board that connects clients with freelancers, full-time workers, and contractors.

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35. Crowdsite

Crowdsite is a European marketplace that connects you with clients for small or large projects. It is built on the premise of crowdsourcing creative work, so you can collaborate and work alongside other designers and creative professionals.

Crowdsite lists projects spanning a wide range of categories, including but not limited to name finding, logo design, flyer design, social media design, web design, app design, app banner, and more.

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36. AwesomeWeb

Crowdsite is a European marketplace that connects you with clients for small or large projects. It is built on the premise of crowdsourcing creative work, so you can collaborate and work alongside other designers and creative professionals.

Crowdsite lists projects spanning a wide range of categories, including but not limited to name finding, logo design, flyer design, social media design, web design, app design, app banner, and more.

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37. Koder

Koder is a platform that connects companies with teams of crowdsourced developers and coders for projects.

The coding space usually runs on a pay-per-hour model. However, this implies that low-performing coders get paid the same amount for a sub-par quality of work as someone with solid experience. With Koder, the project’s price is fixed beforehand, allowing freelancers to focus on the task at hand instead of billable hours.

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38. Povio Remote

Povio Remote is a service that connects remote engineers and designers to individuals and companies looking to build their products.

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39. Dribbble

Dribbble is a platform for graphic designers and creative professionals. The platform allows designers to find work and receive advice and feedback from other designers or clients. It has eight categories of services: animation, branding, illustration, mobile, print, product design, typography, and web design.

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40. Contently

Contently is a content marketplace that connects freelancers with clients looking to create and help their brand tell impactful stories. Writers create their profiles on the platform, and the Contently team sees these, assigning projects as they see fit. The platform has some impressive clients like GE, HSBC, and Dell, names that any freelancer would love to have in their portfolio.

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41. ProZ.com

ProZ.com is a freelance translation marketplace. If you are someone who can speak at least two languages, this is an amazing way to start picking up freelance translation work. Since this marketplace only focuses on translation work, the clients who come here tend to know exactly what they want, and this reduces the number of times your work is rejected or disapproved by clients.

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42. Translatorscafe

TranslatorsCafe is a directory of translators, interpreters, and translation agencies. As of 20th April 2022, it has a network of 418,959 registered users. The rates you receive can vary, with popular language translators in Chinese, German, Spanish, and Japanese receiving $15 and more an hour and more niche language translators in Korean, Swedish, and Finnish receiving $25 and more. If you have significant experience in translation or specialize in marketing, industrial, medical, and technical know-how, you can expect to receive $35 or more. The average rate of translation ranges from $0.03 to $0.10 per word.

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43. SEOClerks

SEOClerks, launched in 2011, connects freelancers to buyers for various services such as Search Engine Optimization (SEO), digital marketing, programming, content creation, and graphic design. The company currently has more than 700,000 members.

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44. Scribie

Scribie is a transcription site that pays you to convert audio to text. It also offers review and proofreading services. Since 2008, the platform has completed 7M+ transcription minutes for 56,000+ customers worldwide using a strong network of 41,000+ skilled transcribers.

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45. Scribendi

Scribendi has offered proofreading and editing services to clients worldwide since 1997. So far, the platform has provided services to 235,000 clients worldwide.

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