✓ So, what is the purpose of your current website?
✓ Are there any aspects of your current website that you love?
✓ So, are there any aspects of your current website that you hate?
✓ Is there anything on the current website that needs to be removed entirely?
✓ Is there anything on the current website that must absolutely stay?
✓ What is your business’s unique value proposition (UVP)?
– What are the services you want to highlight on your website?
– Why do visitors currently go to your website?
✓ Is your website easy to navigate and is it easy to find information?
– Are your current website visitors being converted into sales?
– Are your competitors’ websites more functional, and have they recently been redesigned?
✓ Does the content on your website deliver the right message?
– Is your website a good representation of your business?
✓ Is it easy to update your website?
– So, are the visitors who come to your website being tracked and analyzed?
– Does your current website make it easy for website visitors to contact you?
– What tools and apps do you use to run your business?

✓ So, what is the purpose of your current website?
✓ Why do you want a new website?
– Do you have a proposed sitemap prepared?
✓ In an ideal world, what do you want your website to become?
✓ What are your specific goals for your new website that will help indicate if your investment is profitable?
– How quickly do you want to achieve these goals?
✓ Is there anything that you would like to have included in the new website that you lack currently?
– Will your copy need to be reviewed and approved by legal and compliance?
– So, will your legal team need to create a privacy policy for the site?
✓ At the end of this project, how do you qualify it as a success?

✓ What are your audience’s pain points, needs, and challenges?
✓ What do you hope to achieve from your website?
✓ How can your website resolve your audience’s pain points?
✓ What special features and functions can resolve your audience’s pain points?
– What special features and functions can make user website browsing seamless?
✓ What is your audience’s age group?

✓ What makes them stand apart from others?
✓ What elements of their online activity would you like to model after in your redesign?
✓ Who are your top seven competitors?
✓ What do you currently like about your competitors’ websites?
✓ Do you hate your competitors’ websites? What is it?
✓ What are some sites that you like the style of, features, and functionality of?

✓ Do you have brand guidelines?
✓ If not, do you need help putting this together?
✓ What are the brand guidelines?
✓ So, are there any color preferences for the new website?
✓ Do you have the hex codes for your current brand colors?
– Have you created buyer personas?
– If you did; how many do you have and will we need to set up conversion funnels for each persona?
✓ Do you have a site architecture completed?
– Do certain products and/or services speak to a different type of clients?
– What differentiates your product or service from your competition?
✓ Is there any legacy on your current website?
✓ Do you currently have duplicate content on your site?
✓ What types of content will you publish on the site?
– How do plan to market the website once it is launched?
– What are some images that relate to your business?
– Will you be updating and reusing content and/or images from your current website?
✓ So, do you need help creating new visual components for your website?
– What are some visual components that you’d like to add to your website?
✓ So, do you have a tagline?
✓ Do you have a mission statement?

✓ Do you have a documented content strategy?
✓ What types of marketing are you currently involved in or practice on a regular basis?
✓ What kind of ads will you be running? (Google, Facebook, native, display, search)
✓ Do you have a current advertising budget?
– What are your biggest challenges, when it comes to closing leads?
– What social media elements would you like integrated?
– Do you need a subscription option or other offer?
– Will you be blogging on your website?
– Who will be blogging on your website?
– When do you see the most customers go to your website?
✓ Do you currently use marketing automation software?
✓ Do you use email marketing, landing page, or other tools on your site?
✓ Have you used a CRM to store sales and customer information?
– What is the target demographic of your website visitors? Are there specific sectors, industry segments, company sizes, geography that needs to be focused on more than others?
– Would you like to personalize content so that the content shown is targeted and relevant for different types of visitors?
– Do you create ebooks, white papers, and other resources are placed behind a form?
✓ Do you send email marketing communications?
✓ What types of emails do you send to subscribers, prospects, leads, and customers?
✓ Do you want automated emails to be triggered by actions customers take on your website?
– Do you want the ability to create, edit, and publish landing pages and site pages?
– Would you like to run predictive lead scoring every few months to automatically determine the properties and weight of each factor to create a lead score?
✓ So, have you performed A/B tests of your landing pages and calls-to-action to increase click-through rates?

✓ How do you currently track leads on your website?
✓ How do you want to collect customer information?
✓ Are you comfortable with having your phone number on your website?
✓ What is the email address you want on your website?
– Can you speak to your customer experience?
– So, how does a user become a customer of yours on your current website?
✓ Do you currently include relevant call-to-actions on content posts?
– Do you collect information from visitors and store this in a CRM or use it to inform marketing efforts?
– Do you use call tracking to track online campaigns?

✓ Will you require a responsive design (adapts automatically to mobile devices)?
✓ How often will you be updating the content on your site?
✓ What functional requirements are needed within the new website?
✓ Is there any specific feature that is needed for your website?
– Do you want users to be able to comment on blog posts and other types of content?
✓ Do you need to integrate chat features?
✓ Will you need an internal search engine for your site?
– Do you plan to post audio/video files to the site?
✓ Do you have a video hosting service or will you be uploading videos to Vimeo or YouTube to embed videos on your site?
– Will you need people to log in on the site either with a username and password or by using social logins?
– Will users need the ability to post product reviews?
– So, do you want people to be able to share content from your website?
✓ Will visitors have to enter credit card information and other personal details on any section of the website?
– So, do you plan to sell anything through your website?
✓ Do you need assistance with search engine optimization?
✓ When was the last time you reviewed your website for optimization?
✓ Do you have someone who can review content for SEO best practices, internally?
✓ Do you have someone who can create unique meta titles and descriptions per page or blog posts internally?
– So, what search terms are your competitors targeting?
✓ Do you have a Google Analytics account?
✓ Do you have a Google Webmaster Tools or Bing Webmaster Tools account?
– Based on what you know right now, what keywords or phrases would “you” use to search for your products and/or service offering?
– Of the words you just listed, which ones would you like to target with the new website?
– Do you have existing content that can support these keywords or phrases?
– Does your existing website and content rank for these phrases?
✓ What are your top-performing keywords?
– What are your most trafficked pages on your website?
– What percentage of visits are from organic sources?
– What percentage of traffic are referrals from other sites?
– Which referral channel gives your website the most traffic?
– What percentage of traffic is from social media sites?
– What percentage of traffic is from email marketing?
✓ How many visits does your site get each month?
– What percentage of traffic is from direct or people who type your URL into the search bar?
– What percentage of traffic is from mobile devices?
– How many landing pages do you have?
– So, how long do people typically spend on your website?
– What are your top-performing landing pages?
– What are your top-performing blog posts?
– How many page views does your site get each month?
– The number of leads you generate each month?
– What is the bounce rate for your site?
– Is the average amount of sales generated by your site each month?
✓ What is the page load time of your site?
– How many inbound links are pointing to your current site?
✓ Is your current site optimized for mobile users?
✓ Do you like data?
✓ What types of reports and data would you like to receive from our team?
✓ Do you prefer phone call reporting?
– Do you like PDF’s?
– Would you like the reports to be converted into videos?
✓ Who is your current website host?
✓ If switching hosting companies, do you know where your DNS is controlled?
– Do you have any and all logins?
✓ Hosting
✓ Domain name
✓ Website
✓ Where is your site currently hosted?
– So, do you know the current level of hosting you have?
✓ Do you have or need an SSL certificate?
– Will your site need to announce that they use cookies?
– So, do you have specific accessibility requirements? (larger text, language conversion, blind-accessible, etc.)
– Do you have an existing content management system you prefer or would you like our suggestions on the proper CMS?
✓ Do you think your current website can communicate with your audience clearly?
✓ Does your current website have all the necessary features that help your target audience?
✓ Is the navigation on your current website easy?
– Do the users know what to click next?
– Does it have enough white space for structure and digestible information?
✓ Are the color schemes on your current website relevant to your branding?
– Is the copy effective or do you think you can do better?
– Does your current website have too many distractions?
– What do you wish to change on your new website?
✓ What features and functions would you like to add?
✓ What other menu options would you like to add?
– What suggestions do you have to make your website stand out?
✓ What are elements on your current website that needs to be removed?
✓ What elements should be on the new website design?
✓ What is your budget for this project?
✓ What is your yearly budget for website improvements?
✓ Who is responsible for reviewing and providing feedback on the site?
✓ What is your desired kick-off date?
✓ Who will give final approval for the site prior to launch?
✓ Will you require training on how to properly maintain the site?
✓ Who will be managing the site once it’s completed?
– At which store would you like to max-out your credit card?
– So, if you could have one superpower, what would it be?
– If you could be one character in any movie, TV show, cartoon, who would you be?
– What movie title describes your life?
– So, if you could choose one Pokemon that relates to your personality, who would it be?
– What is your favorite TV show?
– What is your favorite video game?
– Do you have any nerdy addictions?
– So, have you ever refitted an item, and if so, what did you regift?
– What’s the strangest talent you have?
– So, do you have any nicknames?
– Which way does your toilet paper hang on the wall – over or under?
– What is that one song on you’re afraid to admit that you like?
– What are three things still left on your bucket list?
– If you could eat one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be?